Quantum Quirks

Putin with Yume
© Alexei Druzhinin TASSYume, PRONOUNCED: Yuu-meh, The japanese meaning of "Dream"
Storm clouds
© Camelia CzuchnickiClash of the storms
Putin and Abe
© REUTERS/Toru HanaiSenzaki station in Nagato, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan
Winter's night
© Sondre EriksenLet it snow!
Cat on Mars
© Alexander ZavalaThe search for Troy
Snow, owl
© Jon GrovesSnowy owl
Richat structure
© ESAEye of Sahara
Nebula NGC 6357
© CHART32 Team, Processing - Johannes SchedlerNGC 6357 6,500 light-years away
CME 2012
© NASAWinter Sun
© David SwindlerReflection Canyon in Winter