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zon, 03 dec 2023
De Wereld voor Mensen die Nadenken

Quantum Quirks

Hong Kong
© Alfred Lee
Unidentified Flying Clouds
Internet cat

On the internet nobody knows you're a cat ...
Hong Kong
© Vincent Yu Associated Press
Beware of Low Flying Planes
Putin with Yume
© Alexei Druzhinin TASS
Yume, PRONOUNCED: Yuu-meh, The japanese meaning of "Dream"
Storm clouds
© Camelia Czuchnicki
Clash of the storms
Putin and Abe
© REUTERS/Toru Hanai
Senzaki station in Nagato, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan
Winter's night
© Sondre Eriksen
Let it snow!
Cat on Mars
© Alexander Zavala
The search for Troy
Snow, owl
© Jon Groves
Snowy owl
Richat structure
Eye of Sahara